Opposing Darkness To Light
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A white guardian once protected the realms across the stars with the passion of the creators themselves, a darkness opposed her in a twin, the doctor fought the plague ruining the earth and to each are bound by a destiny. Strength and unity is what they rely on, the age of the earth growing, and the danger alongside it.
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[This was like… my first proper rp blog. There’s no way I’m getting rid of it or the characters I spent months, even years, developing… I’m gonna start using it more… I’ll just have to make time… Just wish Tumblr let you log in to more than one account at once… or at least manage them all from one place… with the different urls and stuff. Minus sideblog crap thats just annoying; being unable to follow back. It’s a horrible predicament, really. I love all of my muses and blogs, and I havent used this one in so long…. It makes me feel bad… Because this is where I was when I was suicidal and having a mass breakdown… for like, the entire year… I’m just not sure I wanna merge these muses with another mass-muse blog of mine… *Frustrated sighs*]

Baby, I’ve Been Gone |Mels&Larco



His eyes snapped open; “Yes…. I… yeah…. yeah I would…. how has she been…?”

Mel grinned and slid off the bed holding her hands out to him, chuckling softly. “Amazing, she’s so clever and just gorgeous, but she’s missed you so much. She usually sleeps in with me cause she had nightmares that you weren’t coming home.” 

Larco gladly took her hands, standing with a somewhat sorrowful look in his eyes. “…..I feel twice as worse, now….” He croaked, dipping his head; he couldn’t even say he missed her back because…. he didn’t remember…. nothing.

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An Open World - OPEN




"No… But I have lived long enough… and I will not abandon my friends. I remember visiting not long after this time many centuries ago… Confused as to why everyone was so shocked to see me… I understand now. I have returned to this time so I can still take care of everyone even after I am gone."

Bay gave a short nod; “I suppose everyone’s time comes to a close… even that of the immortals. I’m not convinced I have much time left on my clock, to be honest. But… well, I’ll certainly go out with a sassy bang.”

"My death will be far more pathetic," she chuckled, "Still… From what I’ve seen, Oscar will make sure we go out with a bang." And genocide… she thought to herself, frowning slightly.

Bay sighed, giving a small shrug and leaning back. “Bangs are always good..”






Liar. She narrowed her eyes.

"Look at me, Cy…" she sighed, looking directly at her old friend and lowering her defences. Her eyes were dull and sunken, skin pale and yellowed. Her hair was dull and dry and she just seemed… smaller. Physically and emotionally. "Do you really want to know?"

She shuffled closer and put her arm around her carefully; Of course I want to know; we’ve all been through everything together… who says we’re gonna stop now?

"It’s been so long… I never forgot you; any of you…" Sapphire took a deep breath, "Do you remember all those years ago… when I came to you and told you I’d seen my own death? I fear that time has come…"

Cy gently nodded, she was silent for a short while, simply mulling over the words that had been spoken to her. Perhaps….